About Us

The presbytery, its staff, and its resources are dedicated to empowering congregations and equipping congregational leaders, through partnerships, networks and relationships.

Through regional ministry networks and a flexible committee structure, we seek to respond to the needs of our congregations in an ever more rapidly changing ministry context.  Tradition and history have brought us here, but the Holy Spirit continues to push us forward into a new day.  This is our call and our joyous task.


Eastern Oklahoma Presbytery celebrates our diversity as a people of God and our unity as we seek God’s call to ministry.  That ministry may be within each of our 69 congregations and their communities, or it may be in the furthest corners of God’s creation.  We are:


  • 82 ministers
    • 38 serve congregations
    • 3  serve in validated ministries
    • 34 honorably retired
    • 16 Commissioned Ruling Elders
    • 19 Lay Preachers
    • 1 Inquirer for ministry
    • 3 Candidates for ministry
  • 61 congregations
  • 3 Larger Parishes:
    • Choctaw Agency (10 congregations)
    • Indian Parish (3 congregations)
    • Bryan County Parish (2 congregations)
  • 7,640 members
  • 51% of our congregations have 50 or less and 8% of our total membership
  • 78% of our congregations have 100 members or less and 21% of our total membership
  • 84% of our congregations have 200 members or less and 33% of our total membership
  • 16% of our congregations have 200 members or more and 67% of our total membership

Other Institutions: