EOP Committees


Presbytery Council

Moderator: Rev. Jan Condren

EOP Staff Liaison:  Greg Coulter & Leigh McCaslin

  • Comprised of one Teaching Elder and one Ruling Elder from each of the five Regional Councils, moderators of remaining committees, and six at-large members.
  • Serves as the coordinating council for the presbytery
  • At-large members serve as the presbytery meeting planning team
  • Meets quarterly, about four weeks prior to each presbytery meeting

Council Work Groups:

  • Budget
  • Mission Grants & Scholarships
  • Personnel
  • Planning & Review
  • Presbytery Meetings

Other Council Members:

  • Moderator of EOP Presbyterian Women

Council Members – Feb 2018


Moderator: Clayt Evans

EOP Staff Liaison:  Greg Coulter

  • Oversees pastoral leadership and congregational effectiveness
  • Meets 6-8 times per year

Feb 2018 Directory – Ministry



Moderator: Sandy Bach

EOP Staff Liaison:  Greg Coulter

  • Provides nominees for presbytery officers, committees, and moderators of committees, as well as Dwight Agency, Synod and General Assembly

Feb 2018 Directory – Nominating


Pastoral Care Team

Moderator: Rick Davis

  • Provides pastoral care for pastors, church professionals, and congregations

Feb 2018 Directory – Pastoral Care


Permanent Judicial Commission

EOP Staff Liaison:  Leigh McCaslin

  • Serves as ecclesiastical court for matters referred in accord with Rules and Discipline

Feb 2018 Directory – PJC


Preparation for Ministry

Moderator: Rev. Rebecca Morad

EOP Staff Liaison:  Greg Coulter

  • Oversees inquirers and candidates for ministry

Feb 2018 Dir – Preparation for Ministry



Moderator: Sandy Bach

EOP Staff liaison:  Leigh McCaslin

  • Encourages full participation by all constituent groups in the life and work of the presbytery



Moderator: Arlene Phillips

EOP Staff liaison:  Leigh McCaslin

  • Oversees Presbytery real property and assists congregations with property issues

Feb 2018 Directory – Trustees