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The catalog link above will take you to an abridged listing of all the resources in the Center; listed by media type.  For a more detailed catalog, contact the presbytery office.  The full catalog was too long to post.




Resource Sharings

*Final Edition*


What a wonderful journey we have had together! It has been such a joy scoping out new resources for you and attending conferences so that I could serve you better. My position has been eliminated, so my last day in the resource center is April 29. I hope I have been of help to you.

NOTE: After April 30, 2015, the online search for the resources in the EOP center will be discontinued. There will be a catalog in the presbytery office of all the resources, and the staff will help you find what you need.


New Resources!!

There are many new resources available! New to the Feasting on the Word family is Feasting on the Gospels – John, Volume 1. This book follows the Feasting on the Word commentaries with all new material on the most prominent and preached-on New Testament books, the four Gospels.

Also available are the Feasting on the Word companions: one for Advent, Lent (new this year) and one for worship.  The Worship Companion is available in the Resource Center, but not the Advent or Lenten companions.

The newest offering is a Guide to Children’s Sermons. This is for pastors or lay persons responsible for the children’s moment in worship to help prepare age-appropriate messages, questions to ask, and more.

To see the full line of Feasting on the Word resources, go to www.feastingontheword.net


New Curriculum Available

Coming this fall is the new children’s curriculum Growing in Grace and Gratitude. This replaces We Believe. This new curriculum offers more teacher helps, such as suggestions for transitions, how to adapt activities so all children can participate, and more. To see samples for each age level, go to:





Tip for Confirmation courses: if you want to try something different than your current program, Congregational Ministries recommends using the Faith Questions courses for youth. Courses are usually 4 to 6 sessions long, and cover such topics as Church, Heaven and Hell, Holy Spirit, and more. For a short confirmation program, I recommend Being Presbyterian. This six session study examines the governing structure, the Seal, and more. *Note: this study was written before the New Form of Government, so some adjustments may be needed.

There are other new youth studies/courses available from PC(USA). Go to www.pcusa.org/curriculum to see other resources for all ages.

For other studies, take a look at www.thethoughtfulchristian.com. There are single sessions, topical study packs, and books at bargain prices.


Once again, it has been a joy to serve you.